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Welcome to our site.  Please check out our tees with a message.  All profit is donated to specified animal groups. See the icon below each picture; we encourage you to visit the links.
Megan and Amrit are activists in San Diego and wanted to find a way to spread a compassionate message and raise money for the animals.  Together they created art on tees, a fashionable way to have a heart.
Megan is a student/artist at UCSD and is president of their Students Against Animal Suffering. To view or purchase art click here.
Amrit has been an activist for the animals for 12 years and is co-founder/owner of Shoes With Souls.

This is what a tee would look like here

This shirt benefits The Fund for Animals...

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To purchase a tee please contact Amrit at: or 619-254-3622
At this time we can only accept checks made payable to Amrit Hansmeyer.
Donations will be sent to the non-profits on a regular basis.